May 20, 2015

Teaming up with fabric suppliers - giving you hundreds of options for custom organizers!

I get asked all the time for certain fabrics - novelty, sports teams, certain color combos, etc.  I am only able to bulk purchase and store about 200 fabrics at any time.  Now you have a way to look that SO MANY MORE CHOICES!   Have a favorite sports team?  Have a love for a cartoon character?  Want even more geometric choices? We've got you covered now! 

I have teamed up with two fabric suppliers on etsy -  all you need to do is take a look at what they carry and decide what YOU want.   They will ship the fabric to me directly - and I will make the organizer you want!     Animals - cartoons - novelty - dots - batiks - geometrics...etc....     NCAA - NFL - MLB licensed fabrics 

These are currently available over at my etsy shop. Interested in any of them?   You can find my listings for them here for complete details:

and for those that already have trouble deciding on their favorite fabric in my shop....don't check out these shops!   They will make your eyes cross with ALL the WONDERFUL choices they have!!!