May 20, 2015

Teaming up with fabric suppliers - giving you hundreds of options for custom organizers!

I get asked all the time for certain fabrics - novelty, sports teams, certain color combos, etc.  I am only able to bulk purchase and store about 200 fabrics at any time.  Now you have a way to look that SO MANY MORE CHOICES!   Have a favorite sports team?  Have a love for a cartoon character?  Want even more geometric choices? We've got you covered now! 

I have teamed up with two fabric suppliers on etsy -  all you need to do is take a look at what they carry and decide what YOU want.   They will ship the fabric to me directly - and I will make the organizer you want!     Animals - cartoons - novelty - dots - batiks - geometrics...etc....     NCAA - NFL - MLB licensed fabrics 

These are currently available over at my etsy shop. Interested in any of them?   You can find my listings for them here for complete details:

and for those that already have trouble deciding on their favorite fabric in my shop....don't check out these shops!   They will make your eyes cross with ALL the WONDERFUL choices they have!!!


March 26, 2015

New addition to my double wide coupon organizer!




Last year I updated my "extreme" couponers double wide bag to a fully zippered, beautiful and functional bag.  It came with a center divider that I was not truly happy with, but it seemed to do the job and everyone was happy. 

Well, I finally tackled my concern and devised a divider that now is a more permanent piece that completely divides the two sides.  It is attached with velcro and provides a barrier to keep the two rows of coupons in place.  It also makes it much easier to use one side to hold other purse or couponing items.  

For any customer who purchased one before I had this divider - I am offering an upgrade "kit" -  you will get a new divider with velcro attached.  I will also include two strips that need to be sewn or pinned into your organizer so the divider has something to grip to!   (complete instructions included!)  It's an easy fix, the hardest part is just the task of pushing a needle or pin through the tough velcro material!   

So, if this feature is something that you wish you had in your existing bag - it's now available!  (and I will pay the shipping cost to send to you...!)

For those considering purchasing a double wide organizer, this upgrade to the design now makes this bag perfect in every way!  

November 06, 2014

Today is National Men Make Dinner Day!



I grew up in a household where my dad did alot of the cooking - and it was delicious!  He's always been a foodie, he knows all the grocery and specialty food shops within a 50 mile radius.  He plans his meals and is always the main cook for any large holiday feast.  You should see how he handles the annual Christmas roast -  it's pre-ordered to his specs and when he picks it up you'd think he was holding a newborn!  

My mom is more the baker in the family - she can turn out pies and other homemade baked goods like no-one.  Store bought pie crust, never knew that existed till I was shopping on my own, my mom  would never stoop to that!   

Now my husband - an entirely different story.  His folks are from the deep south and from a time where the woman made and served everything, and she didn't get to sit down till everyone had what they wanted.  The woman was also responsible for all cleanup.   

It's taken some time but my guy can kind of get around the kitchen, but most meals I still do prepare.  Every now and again he'll grill something, but he's so focused on that task he couldn't possibly think of also doing side dishes or salads.   After a few meals of just a slab of meat and nothing else, he's been relieved of serving a complete meal.

I'll have to let him know that today he may have the chance again - but since he doesn't know where most things are kept it's likely I won't bother - it would get to me too much to keep hearing where's that pot, where's the pepper, do we have EVOO, etc....  


August 18, 2014

I am a proud sponsor of a race car! Coupon organizers and sports car racing, who knew?



My husband fully supports my business - and in turn I do the same for him.  He's an avid sports car racing fan (SCCA) and GlowGirl Fibers is a proud sponsor of his passion.   He travels to many events, wins some here and there, and comes home renewed, recharged and ready to help keep our business successful and moving forward.  

This is what life is all about - enjoying what you do, having some fun - and loving life.   We've got each others backs and we love to see each other so happy with our choices! 

August 12, 2014

The big lie - foods being labeled as all natural


Great reminder of why reading the front label of foods is NOT how to determine whether it's something you want to feed yourself or your family.  I don't get how these food companies can throw the word natural around.... 

August 07, 2014

Food Mash Up that makes me scratch my head!

This is a good example of why I do most of my grocery shopping in the outer portion of store...wander down some of the aisles and you find all the packaged, unhealthy, and downright odd items..   this one caught my eye.  I actually think they made this just to get the reaction I have -  yuck!    I rarely eat chips, if desired I make my own...or when visiting my folks when I feel the need to devour Wise Potato Chips as they bring back so many childhood memories!  

July 21, 2014

Does your grocery store alert you on recalls?

Does your grocery store let you know when you have purchased something that's been recalled? Wegmans does! Just got an automated call about nectarines, plums and peaches (organic too!) that they have pulled off their shelves.. Full refund offered, which is nice because I'd bought ALL 3 of those products! This is why it's OK for the stores I shop at to track my purchases. Thanks for the alert !!

July 09, 2014

Net Neutrality - What's that? and why should I care?



Sure it's technical and often boring mumbo jumbo.  But's it's also very important to EVERY single person using the internet.  Last I checked, that's about 98% of the people I know.  

John Oliver explains what this means in his own way.  Important stuff

The big thing to note is the call to action for YOU -

 The internet is not broken.  It does not need the communications companies controlling (i.e. up-charging) anyone for access.  

June 29, 2014

Healthy Food Coupons - Mambo Sprouts

I often hear that people don't coupon because they "don't have coupons for the healthier food I eat"

I get coupons ALL the time for produce, gluten free, non GMO foods, etc - plenty to be found online.  Yes, you won't get alot of these in your Sunday coupon insert, but online there is an abundance of healthy choice coupons available.  

This is one of my fav sites to get coupons for healthy food choices! Yes, lots of coupons avail for non junk!


June 27, 2014

Recycled Plastic Art

Yes, I'm trolling the internet this morning, caught up in the world of art from discarded plastic and upcycled art use of plastic.  Aw always, the colors grab me...and then as I look closer it really becomes a thing of beauty...