March 26, 2015

New addition to my double wide coupon organizer!




Last year I updated my "extreme" couponers double wide bag to a fully zippered, beautiful and functional bag.  It came with a center divider that I was not truly happy with, but it seemed to do the job and everyone was happy. 

Well, I finally tackled my concern and devised a divider that now is a more permanent piece that completely divides the two sides.  It is attached with velcro and provides a barrier to keep the two rows of coupons in place.  It also makes it much easier to use one side to hold other purse or couponing items.  

For any customer who purchased one before I had this divider - I am offering an upgrade "kit" -  you will get a new divider with velcro attached.  I will also include two strips that need to be sewn or pinned into your organizer so the divider has something to grip to!   (complete instructions included!)  It's an easy fix, the hardest part is just the task of pushing a needle or pin through the tough velcro material!   

So, if this feature is something that you wish you had in your existing bag - it's now available!  (and I will pay the shipping cost to send to you...!)

For those considering purchasing a double wide organizer, this upgrade to the design now makes this bag perfect in every way!