Tote Bags - Grocery and Carry All

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Durable market and tote bags - great for groceries, books, gym, baby stuff, school, crafts, commuting. They are made with long handles so you can sling these over your shoulder with ease and lug ALOT of stuff.  The handles are made wide so they won't dig into your shoulders.  

SUPER sturdy upholstery fabrics - will last for years and years of heavy toting. Fabrics are VERY limited - I source from estate sales, vintage shops and remnant sources.  In many cases I am only able to one bag from a found fabric! 

There is NO bottom seam, so nothing with ever break through these bags.  They are MADE for heavy use! 

The handles are all stitched onto bag with a "x-box stitching", the most secure way to attach handles, for super stability and strength.