Woven Scarf Black Silver turquoise Amplifier Scarf

$ 55.00 USD

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This scarf is inspired by a close up shot of an amplifier grill.  I had these colors pulled and sitting next to my loom, but hadn't decide on patterning. When I saw the pic, I knew my direction for this piece!

There is quite a bit of shimmer and shine to this, the blue striping is a soft metallic, and there is silver and small bits of gold metallic. There is also tiny little round silver shiny discs that are laced onto and part of the fabric. And if that wasn't enough, there are little clumps of shiny clear beading   

My scarfs are made to be enjoyed wearing to work, out in the evenings, and are boutique quality, fun wearable pieces to be enjoyed for years. 

70" long and 6.5"' wide, 3 inch fringe

Yarns - wool, cotton, ribbon, rayon, mohair

Hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry.

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