Business Card Store Card Gift Card Holder Zebra Fabric


Business Card Holder - Store Card Holder - Gift Card Holder.  

 I don't know how many times I've dropped store cards while sifting through trying to find the one I need.

I also discovered I'm the kind of person who bury's gift cards in their wallets that may or may not be seen again for a year or more.

NO MORE! My new grocery card storage to the rescue!

I now make a great card carry case that has A-Z dividers. Easy to keep your cards in one handy and stylish fabric carry case.

Can't believe how such a small thing can make my life so much easier when it needs to be.


4.5" wide
2.25" high
1.5" deep pocket (holds approx 30 cards)
secures with a snap closure
comes with set of A-Z dividers
Fits inside my coupon organizers with no difficulty to keep all your grocery cards in one easy file place!

Machine Washable cool cycle, low heat dry 

 Shipping info

Cost to ship -

US FREE     Canada 5.00    Other International $7.00  

Shipping done through USPS - at standard rate charged based on weight of item/area being shipped

ANY shipping fees paid that are $1 or more than actual shipping cost WILL be refunded to you.




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