Joint Catnip Toy - Refillable

$ 16.00 USD

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If there was a year to have a joint, this would be it!   

Even the cats in your family!

 This joint has a small pouch sewn in filled with catnip.

 I personally don't like catnip that is sewn into a product, but you can't refill it - I don't want my cat toy to be a one use only you can see a small opening that can easily be snipped open, refilled and sewn back up.  I also include more yarn and a plastic needle so you can do it easily.

You can also use a liquid catnip and just let it soak into the joint, but most cat's I know like the real thing best!

WARNING:   These resemble chew toys and it's been reported dogs may try to grab and chew watch out! 

Crocheted, 100%  acrylic, stuffed with fiberfill. Small pouch and catnip sewn inside. 

Approx 7-8" long, 6" around. 

Thanks to Norman and Lucy the cats for their modeling assistance! 

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