Fedora Style Hat in Orange, Turquoise, Yellow and Rust

$ 40.00 USD

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Fedora done in boho style!    

Done ombre style, lots of colors blending into each other - a brighter blend of orange, rust, yellow and turquoise.  

Double strands of yarn - all one of a kinds from my yarn stash.  This is mostly a hand dyed acrylic/wool blend, with a second strand of coordinated colors to make this quite unique.

If what I show isn't the perfect color mix for you - let me know what color(s) you'd like and I'll pull yarns from my extensive stash, send you pics - and then put together the perfect hat for you! 

Hat also comes with crocheted cord that can be used to tighten it up around your head if needed.

Brim has a bendable wire insert that is crocheted into hat. 

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