Coiled Rope Hanging Planter Basket Pastels in Turquoise Pink and Purples

$ 40.00 USD

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Holds a 8" plant with ease!

Hang your plants or use as a basket to bring some warmth and color to your space.

 This planter is completely hand wrapped with batik fabric in softer tones of turquoise pink and purple - with a couple rows of brighter turquoise and purple. 

Comes with an 8" plastic insert to prevent water leakage. Fully adjustable so you can hang it just how you like. 

These hanging baskets are made with 100% cotton rope, which I hand dye in an array of colors, and also use decorative fabric strips for accent. 

 Rope is then sewn up with tons of zig zag stitching to keep it all sturdy and able to hold up to heavy use it is made to withstand!  

These work both indoors and outdoors.  Great for plants, or in kitchen area to hold towels, napkins, utensils, etc.  

Also works as a basket if you don't want to hang it, the hanging ropes are removable.  

8.5" wide

5.0" high

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