Custom Roadside Signs ,Yarn Signs to Hang or Stake, Colorful Yarn Bomb Signs

$ 40.00 USD

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Fun and colorful ways to call attention to:

  •    Roadside Produce, Egg, Snack, Shaved Ice Stands
  •    Yard Sales
  •    Welcome/Directional
  •     Special Occasions (birthday, It's a Girl/Boy, congrats, etc)
  •     Sports parties/events -  using team colors for a custom sign


 Easy to hang off posts/fencing with zip ties. Can also be sent with stakes for easy staking into ground. All lettering is securely mounted on plastic fencing. Lightweight, easy to roll up and store, and can take the abuse of outdoor bad weather!

$5 per letter, plus base fee of $20-30 for fencing/posts/etc.   Any additional adornment costs based on complexity wanted!  (florals/vines/forms/etc)  

  Egg sign is 42 inches long and 25 inches high. Letters are done in a bright golden yellow, and border of fencing is accented in green/yellow/white.     

Corn sign - 38 inches long, 25 inches high   Letters are in a sweet yellow corn color, bordered in dark green and has two crocheted ear of corn, complete with white silk at top! 

Tomato sign - 41 inches long, 22 inches high.  Lettering is in bright red, boarder is a lighter green and 3 crochet tomatoes with vines are added. 

Produce Sign 92 inches long, 25 inches high. Lettering is is white with multi color and hot pink outline. Bordered in Sky Blue.                                  


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