Hang it! Wear it! Rally and Protest Sign to wear! 36” round hula hoop Create your own Sign!

$ 60.00 USD

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Colorful - Eye Catching - Can be hung to swing around or hang flat.  

Also GREAT for a great way to keep social distancing in check when out at rally’s or protests.  Easy to wear backpack style!

Lightweight.  Unbreakable.  Can get wet and handle bad weather. Easy to hang up/take down.  

Local?  You can pick your hoop up all complete!

This is too big/awkward to ship - BUT dig out the old hula hoop out of your garage, measure it across. I will make your signage, and send it to you with cording and instructions on how to attach to hula hoop! (It’s easy!)

Price is for a 36” hula hoop, with crochet mandala sign.  Letters extra. 

$70 - Local pickup only with sign all attached to hula hoop                                                            $60 -   Shipped - NO hula hoop, comes with instructions/cording to attach! (easy!)

$3 per letter, vowels free!  (Up to 5” letter)
$5 per letter, $3 for vowels (6” and larger letters)

Happy to quote you for objects - logos - fancy lettering - etc





Please select all options.

pickup with hula hoop: 70.00
Ship - NO hula hoop: 60.00
Contact me for lettering charge!: $3-$5 per letter. Contact me for quote!