Stylish, Eco-Conscious and Thrifty 

Organizers come complete with everything needed to customize to your needs - SO much sturdier than paper/plastic ones and much easier to handle than those big cumbersome binders!  


Support handmade. Nothing here is mass produced. 

I make everything in my home -  for YOU!



Today is National Men Make Dinner Day!

November 06, 2014

    I grew up in a household where my dad did alot of the cooking - and it was delicious!  He's always been a foodie, he knows all the grocery and specialty food shops within a 50 mile radius.  He plans his meals and is always the main cook for any large holiday feast.  You should see how he handles the annual Christmas roast -  it's pre-ordered to his specs and when he picks it up you'd think he was holding a newborn!   My mom is more the baker in the family - she can turn out pies and other homemade baked goods like no-one.  Store bought pie crust, never knew that existed till I was shopping on... Continue Reading →

I am a proud sponsor of a race car! Coupon organizers and sports car racing, who knew?

August 18, 2014

    My husband fully supports my business - and in turn I do the same for him.  He's an avid sports car racing fan (SCCA) and GlowGirl Fibers is a proud sponsor of his passion.   He travels to many events, wins some here and there, and comes home renewed, recharged and ready to help keep our business successful and moving forward.   This is what life is all about - enjoying what you do, having some fun - and loving life.   We've got each others backs and we love to see each other so happy with our choices!  Continue Reading →


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