Semi Permanent Center Divider for Double Wide Coupon Organizer

$ 3.50 USD

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This is ONLY for anyone who has purchased a double wide coupon organizer in the past that had a NON ATTACHABLE center divider piece. 

Many people wanted a divider that could be removed, so what I was making was simply an insert you placed in between your two rows of coupons.  I wasn't completely fond of this, and have finally put together a solution for all.

A semi permanent velcro'd in place center divider - will provide a complete separation of sides.  

This is a "kit" for anyone who has the "older" style.   You will receive the following:

-  a new center divider, which has velcro sewn onto either side.

-  2 pieces of velcro that would need to be tacked onto your bag.  If you can sew on a button, you can do this.  It is a little tougher to push the needle through the heavier velcro material, but it is certainly possible.  You will get a diagram of where and how to sew these two pieces into your existing bag.

It is also possible to pin the velcro pieces into place - it will work that way too! 



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