Reusable Paper Towels Cotton Flannel Stained Glass Print 3 size assorted

$ 14.00 USD

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Multi Size Packs - each pack contains 3 different size towels. You’ll have the just right size for every wipe and clean up up need!


6 packs have 2 towels in each size
12 packs have 4 towels in each size

Single Ply - one layer of cotton flannel, serged all around. Color/pattern on one side only

Double Ply - two layers of cotton flannel, serged. Color/pattern on both sides. Front is floral, backing is assortment of pink/lilac/blue. 

These are are a watercolor and tie dye muted pattern, giving a nice textured look for your towels!

May be slight shrink at first wash. Serged all around for no fraying.

Long lasting, will get softer and more absorbent with washing.

Machine wash - tumble dry, avoid fabric softener use.

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