Mega Deluxe Coupon Organizer Cats Fabric Single Wide

$ 45.00 USD

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 This size organizer is more of a pocketbook -  it is 6" deep and holds approx 1,500 with ease. Also room for wallet, calculator, scissors, etc.  

Fully padded, three sided zippered, with 2 outer pockets and 2 inner. Sturdy reinforced strap to carry this weighty bag with ease. 

Here's the features:

High quality cotton fabrics. Lined with both a stabilizer and a fleece batting you get both strong support and padded comfort.

Fully zippered around 3 sides for complete control and safety of your hard found and sorted coupons and personal items!

Can be carried both over the shoulder or cross body.

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Dimensions of pocketbook:

8" wide 
6" high
6" deep 
comes with 40 dividers
also has 160 assorted peel and stick labels

zippers up on three sides

has 2 outer pockets, 2 inner pockets

Reinforced long adjustable strap.  can be worn over the shoulder or cross body. 

Double lined with a stabilizer and a fleece batting. 

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Shipping Cost  

US $5.50 - $6.50 (ships from MD, depends on what zone you are in)

 Canada $9.00    Other International $15.00

Shipping done through USPS - at standard rate charged based on weight of item/area being shipped.

ANY shipping fees paid that result in overage of over $1 will be refunded back to you!


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