Market Tote Bag Rust Drapery Fabric


This is a medium weight drapery style fabric - not quite as "super" strong as heavier upholstery fabrics, but still a very sturdy bag! Soft and silky.

Grocery Bag - Market Bag - Book Bag - Beach Bag - Knitting Bag - Gym bag - Diaper bag - carry all totes for anything and everything! Be both stylish and eco friendly lugging your stuff around!

These carry all tote bags make the BEST grocery bags. They hold everything and look great! I hate those cheap, small bags the grocery stores sell...that always have their name/logo on them.

What used to take me 4-5 plastic grocery bags I can easily fit in 2 of these bags!


Handles - 38" long handles
Bag - approx 14" x 16"
Bottom - 6" flat bottom

Spot clean per upholstery type

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