Double Wide Coupon Organizer Modern Chevron with Turquoise Lining

$ 60.00 USD

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Cool Modern Chevron pattern in a heavy duty twill cotton. Turquoise lining in the full deluxe style - with 4 outer pockets, 2 inner pockets and a long adjustable strap.  

This bag has two sections and will allow you to carry up to 3,000 coupons, and for those growing into this size, also great to use for one side as coupon holder, the other as your purse!

 Calling all extreme couponers! The ultimate stylish answer to how to carry ALL your coupons with you easily and without the bulk of dragging binders around! 

Here's the features: 

High quality cotton fabrics. Lined with both a stabilizer and a fleece batting you get both strong support and padded comfort. 

Hard bottom (non removable) with extra support on sides.

Fully zippered around 3 sides for complete control and safety of your hard found and sorted coupons and personal items! 

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Dimensions of pocketbook: 

14" wide  
6" high 
6" deep  
comes with 60 dividers 4" x 6" tabbed 1/3 cut 
and over 200 assorted peel and stick labels


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US $7.50-$8.50 (ships from MD, depends on what zone you are in)

 Canada $15.00    Other International $20.00

Shipping done through USPS - at standard rate charged based on weight of item/area being shipped.

ANY shipping fees paid that result in overage of over $1 will be refunded back to you!


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