Coupon Organizer Holder Happy Florals Fabric

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 NEW!      Two Styles to choose from!

Standard 2" clip to cart style - this is my standard coupon organizer that I have been making for the past 10+ years. This style closes with an elastic/button closure and allows you to attach it to the grocery cart if you want!

New Style - wallet/clutch style - this new bag closes with an adjustable snap closure, (will NOT attach to cart)   

BOTH STYLES COME WITH 20 4"x6" dividers, and 240 assorted peel and stick labels for grocery/household/budget/filing. You can set it up to sort how YOU want to - alpha/store aisle/A-Z/etc.

I also have a new line of wallet accessories, so you can make the coupon/budget/wallet organizer that best suits your needs! These fit in any style or size organizer I make!  I am relaying on coupon apps more now, so these help organize my receipts, coupons, cards, budgeting, etc.  Check them out here!

Want more than the standard 20 dividers that come with your organizer?  Order more!

Your 2" Coupon Organizer is made of top-quality fabric, fully lined and stabilized for years of use. 




Organizer Measurements:
8” wide - you will rarely need to fold any coupon to fit
5” tall
2” flat bottom – room for up to 500 coupons!
Comes with 20 4x6 dividers and over 200 peel and stick labels 
Has clear vinyl business card size pocket in front for you to put contact detail in case of loss! (clip to cart style only)

Machine Washable cool cycle, low heat dry 


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Shipping done through USPS - at standard rate charged based on weight of item/area being shipped.ANY shipping fees paid that result in overage of over $1 will be refunded back to you! 

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