Coupon Holder Organizer Magical Silver Gray

$ 18.95 USD

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Coupon Organizer in a cool silver and gray design.   Can be lined in many colors, including a silver "ironing board fabric" that provides an extra sturdy layer.     

Great Size for the "basic" couponer -  holds up to 500 coupons with ease, and is made long enough so that you rarely have to fold any coupon to fit in properly!

This can also clip to your grocery cart!

Set your coupon holder organizer up to the way YOU want your coupons sorted. 

Very handy in your purse or car for business and personal receipt storage too!

Enjoy these Great Features in Our Coupon Holder Organizers!

As with all our coupon holder organizers,this Magical Gray organizer comes equipped with 20 blank dividers on heavy card stock. You also get 160 peel and stick labels (86 grocery items, 50 budget and receipt labels, and A-Z).

Your 2" Coupon Organizer is made of top-quality fabric, fully lined and stabilized for years of use. It closes securely with a button and elastic. 

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Organizer Measurements:
8” wide - you will rarely need to fold any coupon to fit
5” tall
2” flat bottom – room for up to 500 coupons!
Comes with 20 4x6 dividers and 160 peel and stick labels 
Has clear vinyl business card size pocket in front for you to put contact detail in case of loss!

Machine Washable cool cycle, low heat dry 

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