Wallet Organizer Systems


I find myself clipping coupons far less now. The world of coupon and store apps have completely changed the way I organize. This is the system I designed for my own needs, and you may find this a good fit for you too! I like the secure feeling of the way everything sits inside the bag, nothing flapping around. I also prefer the large open access at the top of the bag to make it easy to see and get to what you need, while everything stays secure in the pouch.

Can also hold phone, pens, checkbook, notes, receipts, etc.

DISCOUNT FOR PURCHASE OF 3 OR MORE ITEMS, contact me before purchasing, I will set up a listing to reflect what you'd like!




Start with the wallet envelope that will hold all the components!  Fully lined (all the components are!) and with a snap closure.        Then, choose the components to customize your wallet to work best for YOUR needs!




Card carrier pouch 7" x 4", with 8 pockets inside for credit, gift and store loyalty cards. In addition to the approx 20+ cards it holds, there is also ample room inside for cash/notes/pen/small pad/etc. There is a decorative snap closure at top. Easy to transfer to different bags in a flash, always have all your "important" stuff in one secure place.



Coupon Carrier Pouch 7" x 4", with 12 hard stock dividers. 1" deep, holds 100+ coupons







Fabric cash and budget envelopes, also good for receipts, coupons, lists, etc  .7" x 3.5"                                                                                                                                                              



Zippered Change Purse -

7" x 4"  - lined and ready for alot of use, heavy duty zipper!