Market Grocery Tote Bag Cream Blue French Brocade

$ 25.00

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Market Bag - Book Bag - Beach Bag - Knitting Bag - Gym bag - Diaper bag - carry all totes for anything and everything! Be both stylish and eco friendly lugging your stuff around!

These bags make the BEST grocery bags. They hold everything and look great! I hate those cheap, small bags the grocery stores sell...that always have their name/logo on them ...

Classy brocade design, with a medium+ weight upholstery fabric. This has a soft sheen to it, and is a little softer to the touch. 

Medium weight home decor/upholstery fabric. SUPER sturdy. Will hold tons of weight. Handles are sewn on in a very secure fashion. I started making these bags in 2008, and STILL use the same ones for my groceries each week!

Fabric bags are the way to go these days! Stop using plastic and paper bags!

What used to take me 4-5 grocery bags I can easily fit in 2 of these bags!

Handles - 40" long - extra long, easy to carry over the shoulder
Bag - approx 16" x 118"
Bottom - 6" flat bottom

Check out the picture of how much it takes to fill up the BOTTOM of the bag! Still leaves 8" of space to fill up with more stuff!

1 6 pack 17 oz sodas
4 liters of water
1 64 oz juice bottle.

I have a large fabric stash - please contact me if you're looking for anything else in particular!

All items made in a non smoking or pets household.

Care Instructions - these bags can be machine washed and hung to dry. Some of the upholstery/home decor fabrics may have a little shrink in their first washing - each fabric is different.